SWWIIRA - Southern WWII Reenactors Association

Facta Non Verba - "Deeds Not Words"

Our Mission: 

The Southern World War II Reenactors Association is dedicated to the scholarly study, education and preservation of  World War II history (from approximately 1939 to 1945) of all nations, through interpretive living history exhibits, mock-tactical battles, militaria displays, or other related public and private events.  Members share their knowledge and expertise of history with each other and the public for the purposes of remembering the past and educating future generations of the sacrifices made during this historic time period.

The SWWRA does not condone or support groups or individuals with extremist political ideologies or who advocate the overthrow of the United States Government.  All activities of the organization are to be conducted in a lawful manner, and its membership to open to all people, regardless of race, gender, religion or physical limitations.

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